The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

Total Production Area: The total production area of the plant spans approximately 90,000 square feet. It is situated alongside the Dhaka-Narayanganj 300-feet highway, adjacent to a 30-foot-wide road and a nearby lake. The factory is enclosed by boundary walls, and the HVAC-based working space covers 40,000 square feet.

Premises Design and Layout: Unison Homoeo Laboratories Ltd. has meticulously designed, constructed, adapted, and maintained its premises to align with its operations. The layout and design are aimed at minimizing the risk of errors, facilitating effective cleaning and maintenance, and preventing cross-contamination and the accumulation of dust or dirt that could adversely affect product quality. The factory complex comprises a six-story building, consisting of the main building, RS building, and security building.

Main Building Details: The main building consists of six floors, with each room offering a working area height of 9 feet and a service area height of 9 feet, resulting in a total height of 18 feet. The total working area within the main building is 90,000 square feet.

Warehouse: The warehouse area covers 3,628 square feet and is well-maintained. It features air conditioning facilities for the storage of raw materials, packaging materials, and drugs/products in a temperature-controlled environment.

Utility Area: The utility area, spanning 14,338 square feet, houses air compressors and generators necessary for the operation of the plant.

Duplex Buildings: There are two duplex buildings, one for directors covering 1,379 square feet and another for the plant manager covering 335 square feet.

Other Facilities: The factory complex includes various facilities, such as a reception area (232 square feet), canteen (1,560 square feet), reserve water tank (273 square feet), and a security building (about 150 square feet) for overall security at the factory entrance. Additionally, there is a plastic factory covering 2,346 square feet and a power house spanning 633 square feet. The area boundary extends to 26,925 square feet.

Production Area: Each floor in the production area encompasses 6,039 square feet.

These corrections provide a clearer and more accurate description of the factory’s layout and facilities.The company is getting ready for the GMP inspection to obtain the GMP certificate. In future Unison will be the World Best Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturing Company. 



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