Managing Director

There are several sectors in Bangladesh on which we can be proud of and undoubtedly the pharmaceutical sector is one of these sectors. Homoeopathy is a most important part of this sector. It is one of Bangladesh’s success stories from medicine manufacturing sectors and one of the most technologically advanced sectors currently in existence. This Homoeopathy Medicine manufacturing industry is matter of substantial pride to the country. Skillful attitudes, knowledge and innovative ideas from the professionals are the key reasons why this industry grew in the way it did.

The success story of Bangladesh Homoeopathy sector is very pleasant. It had to travel a long way to achieve the present prestigious position in domestic and international markets. By now, almost 70% of country’s demand of Homoeopathy medicines is produced locally mainly by national Homoeopathy medicine manufacturing companies. The homoeopathy medicine  sector of Bangladesh is expanding rapidly and some companies have already certified by different international regulatory authorities like UK-MHRA, Australia-TGA, EU, etc. for quality management and quality products manufacturing. Moreover, few companies are on the road to achieve US-FDA approval. According to the information of the Director General of Drug Administration of Bangladesh (DGDA), there are 49 Homoeopathic drug manufacturing companies in Bangladesh;

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