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Unison Homoeo Laboratory Limited is one of the pioneer homeopathic medicine manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. The company was founded by Dr. Noor Mohammad, who has extensive experience in the homeopathic sector and has been involved in processing homeopathic medicine for the past 25 years, boasting an excellent track record of success.


Dr. Noor Mohammad’s journey into the homeopathic medicine industry began 30 years ago, inspired by his grandfather, Dr. Kosir Uddin. Dr. Kosir Uddin was a renowned allopathic doctor and homeopathic practitioner during his time. He was also the founder of the first Homeopathy Medical College in East Pakistan, which is present-day Bangladesh. In 1954, he established a pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing company named Kosir Uddin Chemical & Company.


The founder of Unison Homoeo Laboratories Ltd., Dr. Noor Mohammad, is a qualified homoeopath. He presides over and assists various organizations and institutions, including a homoeopathic medicine manufacturing company, Unani Medicines, Cosmetics, Herbal and Plastic Section, Medicinal Plant Garden, the Unison Group, and various international organizations.


In October 1995, Unison began its commercial production with a limited range of products.


In 1996, Unison Homoeo Laboratories Ltd. was acquired by the current management. Later, in 2021, it was transformed into a group of companies registered under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh. The homoeopathic market is primarily dominated by German and French brands, with Indian brands also making significant strides. While Bangladesh is not yet a major player, it has recently started producing medicines of a standard quality that can be compared with those of India. Bangladesh has the potential to compete with Germany and other international brands, thanks to the establishment of Unison Homoeo Laboratory Limited.


In this context, Unison Homoeo Laboratory Limited in Bangladesh has embarked on an endeavor to establish an industry that produces large quantities of homoeopathic medicine while maintaining high quality, pharmaceutical-grade, and international standards. These medicines will be marketed within the country and have the potential for export abroad. To fulfill this purpose, a modern factory spanning 40,000 square feet of HVAC production area has been constructed, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical online production machinery. Skilled manpower is also part of our resources. Currently, the global homeopathic medicine market is dominated by manufacturers from various countries.

At present the most global Homeopathic Medicine market Manufacturers are!


International Brand:      


Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Germany.                                                    

Dr. Reckeweg, Germany.                                                               

ADEL Homeopathy, Germany.                          

Boiron, France.


Blooume Homeopathy, Swiss. 

Isotropin homeopathy, USA.                                                        

Nelson and Co. Ltd               


Indian Brand: 







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